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U.S. Student Visa - Study in the U.S
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What should I know before applying for a U.S. Student Visa?

Two main factors that must be taken into consideration when applying for a US student visa are:

Your reason for wanting to study in the US as opposed to your country of residence

Once you make the decision to apply for a US student visa to study in the United States, you must possess a valid reason for wanting to study in the US as opposed to your country of residence.
During your interview, the visa officer will inquire about your choice to study in the US instead of your country of residence especially if you can do the same program in your home country. Many applicants are of the misconception that they are automatically eligible for a study visa once they receive an acceptance letter from a university or college. On the contrary, acceptance to study in the US is only the first and easiest step of the student visa application process. Some universities or colleges have a high acceptance rate, especially the low ranking university or college. Most low ranking universities or community colleges have a low tuition fee, and a lower quality of education. The visa officer may wonder why you would choose to leave your country of residence to study in the US at a low ranking university or college; when there are universities or colleges in your country of residence that offer a higher quality of education, and a lower tuition fee.


How will you finance your tuition fee while studying in the U.S?

Finances play a crucial role in determining if your student visa will be approved.

Having sufficient funds available to finance your tuition and living expenses is the most crucial factor in a visa officer’s decision when granting a US student visa. Studying in the United States can be a very expensive venture depending on the program of study and the university or college that you choose to study. You will need to prove that you are able to cover your tuition and living expenses. Consider this, if you are unable to show proof of funding, how will you be able to cover your tuition and living expenses while studying in The United States?
There are several ways of showing that you can cover your tuition and living expenses while in The United States, these guidelines include the following:

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